June rhymes

Balloon, Moon, Soon




May Be

I have been working on a songwriting and production project which takes me back to my core skills of songwriting and making things up. I worked long and hard on it, enlisted the assistance of my creative friends, and I’m really pleased with the results after a month.

It was great to be in England again.


The Rheinfelden Cannibal

I have been finding clarity, especially with my creative work which has decided to reveal itself again as a series of songs. I have a story to write too, one of many queueing up to find form, but since it’s fresh in my mind, but by now far away enough to dwell upon, I feel it can be now written.

I will tell the story of The Rheinfelden Cannibal, which derives from a period last year which was personally disturbing but at times very funny.

What doesn’t kill you will make you smell.


Woody Wilson

Woody Wilson, a song which arrived unbidden with the name Woody Wilson attached. I knew from the outset that I wanted the song to be a warm criticism, an encouragement, a ‘you can do better’ song. With observations, not always flattering.

There are a few famous or marginally famous people called Woody (or Woodie) Wilson, I found out. This song is based on the story of Woodie Wilson the NASCAR pioneer racing driver, who disappeared after his early success for a period of some years, but came back and did well a second time.


I started this blog in 2004. In that time I have missed very few months, but in the past twelve months, I’ve missed two. This is an indicator of how preoccupied with surviving I have been in the middle of Europe in the early 21st century. Last year, I was chased by a madman accusing me of cannibalism.

This post, plus four more, will get me to the ten year celebratory month.

Happy new everything. Here’s a tunnel to China.

Prix Mobile 31.12.13 and 1.1.14

I’m running the Prix Mobile awards in this club, SUD, on New Year’s Eve. It’s the kind of thing I love doing. It’s a good space to work in, and a great place for art.

I’m working with Auntie Sam who already hosts highly successful Dr Sketchy’s evenings, where enthusiastic drawers and painters work from life models of varying kinds. This is Nini de Paris:


I like the way that the evenings progress, with the models starting with quick poses, but over a couple of hours holding positions longer, as the artists get to grips with their pencils, pens and brushes and start to produce a great variety of images. Fun.