Welcome, human creatures all, to a place where tales of the probable, the possible and the unlikely are told in song.

It is probable that you will find songs here whose existence is owed to the beginning of the Ecopocalypse, the dark and final phase of man's madness, the destruction of our one and only biosphere. The speed of increase we witness daily. There is but little time, as it is unlikely that anyone in power will be persuaded to change national policies on food, water, air, fuel, before we are out of all them..

It is possible that you will find these songs entertaining, amusing and even singable. However it is also possible that none of these songs will be remembered by anyone human since there will be no humans left quite soon...and hence, this website. At least so long as a dribble of power runs this tiny corner of the electronic human mind, then the story of the crazy bunch of planet-saving, in-the-face-of-all-odds ordinary people will be recounted. Possibly.