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About Me                        

My work in
media, education and the arts has been in these roles: 

• Artist - visual, musician, performer
• Business - director, entrepreneur, internet innovator
• Campaigns - advertising, fundraising, public interest
• Events - manager, planning, promoter
• Lecturer, teacher, vocal coach
• Media Producer - audio, video, digital
• Music - composer, publisher, distributor
• Podcasting - presenter, host, engineer
• Writer - songs, blogs, scripts, histories

In the beginning I graduated with a First in Fine Art from Hornsey College of Art (now part of Middlesex University) in 1984. At this inspiring college my creative journey began with paintings, prints and sculpture, evolving into multi-media installations, audio works, videos, audio-visual art, and experimental work with computers using emergent digital recording and editing techniques.

Selected for New Contemporaries exhibitions in 1983 and 1984, I showed installations, videos, and performances at the ICA, London, wallpapered trees on London's south bank in a piece titled "Camouflaging Trees from Further Attack" and sold audio cassettes in the gallery bookshop which were favourably reviewed in the music press. My 'scratch' videos were screened in London, Paris, Berlin and New York.
Work Experience in Education

Media Lecturer
South Thames Colleges Group - London - London October 2022 to November 2023        

I worked as Media Lecturer at two colleges in this large London FE group, Carshalton College from October 2022 to April 2023, and South Thames College Wandsworth from September 2023 to November 2023. I ran key parts of the college curricula which include UAL Level 3 Diploma / Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Technology (Film), and Pearson BTEC, focussing on skills development, whilst teaching the theories that underpin media industry practices. I wrote numerous Schemes of Work and Assignment Briefs, reinvigorated the teaching of professional audio techniques, and took an active part in planning and attending excursions, parents evenings, and student productions. I invited media experts into the College to speak and wrote copy for the internal newsletter.                                

The media courses incorporated:

• Video and Audio Production
• Performance in front of camera
• Graphic and Web Design
• Photography
• Factual and imaginative content creation
• Entrepreneurial Skills
• Social media as a business
• Live streaming

EFL Teacher
John Whitgift Foundation Summer School - South Croydon June 2023 to August 2023

The Whitgift Summer School Redux. Having had two simultaneous roles in 2022, teacher and activity leader, in 2023 I graduated to full-time ELT teacher, which was exhilarating, demanding fun. The work comprised 25 hours per week teaching English to students from 25 different nations, over six weeks, in an environment of peacocks, flamingos, and phones-stashed-in-boxes - a necessity in order to avoid teenage attention vanishing during lessons. I was supported throughout and enjoyed a great deal of freedom to teach, which my students also appreciated.

EAL / ESOL Teacher & Activity Leader
John Whitgift Foundation Summer School - South Croydon July 2022 to August 2022

In 2022 I worked for Whitgift Summer School as both an English teacher and activity leader. Highlights: organising a drum circle in the founder's garden; teaching secular meditation techniques; woodland survival skills (thanks to Graham Wardle); musical theatre; and teaching EAL / ESOL English.

Secondary School Teacher
QT Education / Monarch Education - Bristol, December 2019 to November 2021                

Secondary and Middle School cover teacher for schools in Somerset, Avon and Dorset. My main subjects were English, Media, Music, Art, Drama and Creative Writing. As well these, with experience in dozens of UK schools, I have also now taught GCSE Drama, Design and Technology, IT, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Religious Studies, PE, and Maths as subject lessons.

English Teacher - EFL / EAL / ESOL
Millfield Enterprises - Street - Street July 2018 to August 2019                

After gaining the Trinity CertTESOL qualification in 2018, I worked for Millfield Enterprises, judged by the British Council as the best language-teaching summer school in the UK. Teachers generated original materials and designed lessons suitable for students aged 11 to 17 from multiple diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures. In addition to ESOL teaching, I taught GCSE English exam prep, Study Skills, and Catch Up English, took part in excursions and contributed to events. In 2019 I taught English classes during Easter, and ran the Millfield Fine Art Academy July - August.                

Teacher - GCSE
Ark Academies - Hastings - Hastings February 2019 to June 2019                                

February - June 2019 I worked for Ark Academies William Parker (boys) and Helenswood (girls) in Hastings teaching English Language and English Literature in small intervention groups. This gained students significant improvements in their grades, the work being worthwhile and rewarding.

University Lecturer
London School Of Communication, the London Business School, Middlesex University - October 2009 to April 2010                        

Web, Interactive Media, Business, Art and Design, Concepts, mostly Post-Graduate MA and PhD students.
Visiting Lecturer
Middlesex University - London - Wood Green November 1999 to January 2002

Fine Art with emphasis on audio-visual art, working with BA and MA students.

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Full Time Carer                                        

Mother - Somerset, England January 2015 to November 2017

I cared for my elderly mother for three years. Duties included all aspects of care including health, social activities, domestic chores, disability support, household administration, renovations, gardening, legal and financial matters. I'm glad to report that my mother is currently alive and well.

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Work Experience in Media and The Arts

After graduation I made a living from writing music, and with that background, started Netmare Ltd., one of the very first internet businesses.


Creative Director
Netmare / Small Pictures Ltd - London March 1995 to May 2011        

My internet start-up Netmare co-produced BBC’s Radio 1nteract programme in 1995. This was a genuinely groundbreaking mixture of live radio alongside internet streaming, with complex audience interaction. After taking a sabbatical, Netmare was superceded by Small Pictures in 2002. Over the next decade I developed and produced online formats and 'simulcast' events pioneering cross-media techniques, multi-platform streaming and dynamic live event websites.                                        

As the internet expanded, I worked on campaigns and infrastructure for international media corporations, UK and local government, advertising & PR agencies, NGOs, concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, competitions, health education, training, career advice, product promotions and charitable fundraisers.

Freelance Writer, Digital Media Producer
2012 Communications - North London January 1998 to April 2011                                

Freelance writer, producer and media consultant for theatrical and musical artists including comedian and writer John Cleese, for whom musician Ashley Slater and I wrote and recorded a 2006 world cup football song.                                 

In 2000, I co-produced 'Just Right', for Amnesty International UK, a CD Rom with extensive printed materials based on the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. This included documentary footage with first hand testimony from street children, child soldiers, child prisoners, and victims of war. The aim of this project was to teach secondary school children of age 11 - 16 years about human rights in an immersive way, developing interactive education methodologies from gaming which are now widespread. The work was well received and used in classrooms across the UK.                

Managing Director / Chairman
Talking Voices Ltd - London January 2006 to March 2010                        

In 2006, I started podcast production company Talking Voices which ran from 2006 to 2010. At this time, I co-founded the UK Podcasters Association and was chairman until 2009. In 2006 UKPA successfully lobbied WIPO to prevent bad UN-mandated internet media regulation, PRS-MCPS to adapt their podcasting licence, and the UK's Radio Academy to add podcasting to their esteemed annual Sony Awards, which I was later invited to judge.

Events Producer
Dean Whitbread Arts - Norway - September 2011 to December 2021

Dean Whitbread Arts, registered in Norway, produced and promoted events. In 2011, I curated the international digital art exhibition Prix Mobile, lifting the newly popular mobile art form (now dominated by Instagram and similar platforms) into the Fine Art world via the tech world in Paris at Le Web expo 2011. Open to all and judged by an international jury of eminent artists, curators, photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs, academics, internet and media luminaries, winners were awarded cash prizes and finalists featured in a prestigious gallery exhibition.

That same year I conceived, produced and promoted the Norwegian mini-festival Frostfest. Incorporating 9 live acts over 12 hours plus art and craft, in normally fallow midwinter this sustained burst of alternative cultural energy proved very popular.

In 2013 - 2014 I worked with companies in Basel, Switzerland, including Auntie Sam, Happyville Productions, The Gay Beggars Drama Group, and the Basel English Panto Group. I produced videos, audio, and designed and operated theatrical lighting.

Tate Britain, Front Desk, Exhibitions
Bookshop - Tate Gallery Publications - Pimlico January 1982 to October 1986                

I worked for Tate Gallery Publications from 1982 to 1986.

Course Designer, Teacher
Islington Arts Factory - Islington September 1984 to September 1985

Creative Video Course Designer and Teacher, Inner London Education Authority ages 17 - 72. My first job post-graduation - I was commissioned to create a Further Education course on the creative use of video with artist Sam Burford, which we then taught at the Islington Arts Factory, London.


Clients have included :                        

BBC Radio, Levi Strauss Europe, McLaren Formula 1, Tiger Aspect Television, MTV Europe, EMI Records, Sony Music UK, Polygram International, Time+Space, Forster, McCann Erickson, BBH, Amber Music, the Health Education Authority, PB Games, The Big Chill, Sony Music UK, BMG, Channel 4, PRS, Arts Council of England.

Artists have included :

John Cleese, Vince Clarke, Geno Washington, Kraftwerk, Supergrass, Momentary Fusion Aerial Theatre Company, Res Rocket Surfer (the world's first internet band).

Third sector organisations have included:

Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Menschen für Menschen, NSPCC, the Open Rights Group, and South African township music charity Busk Aid.


WJ-SPOTS - article on web art 2007

Chapter on podcasting in book Web 2.0 by Professor Vito Dibari, 2007

Education Qualifications                

TESOL in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language

Oxford International College - London
March 2018 to April 2018                                                

BA Hons., First Class in Fine Arts

Hornsey College of Art - Middlesex Polytechnic - London

September 1981 to June 1984                                

Foundation in Art - Distinction

Croydon College of Art - Croydon
October 1980 to July 1981        

Certifications and Licences                                

DBS Certificate (Enhanced) July 2019 to April 2025        

Awards and Achievements

Co-wrote and performed international hit song Survival Game, a campaign fundraiser for Ethiopia and north east Africa released by charity Menschen für Menschen as "It's 5 to 12". Survival Game charted in 1997 gaining top ten chart positions in several countries including number 1 in Switzerland, number 2 in Austria, and platinum in Chile.

European Podcast Award - won “Best UK Personality” for music podcast, September 2008.

Spoke at many other conferences and seminars in the UK, internationally Sweden, Norway, and Boston, USA. Panels and speaking engagements at the Radio Festival, In the City, BT, BAFTA, BPI, The Guardian / Open Rights Group. Initiated, organised and promoted Podcamp UK conference, Birmingham, 2007.

Composed soundtracks for two short films by French film maker
Hervé Bernard, winning Gold and Silver awards at the Deauville FilmFestival Green Awards, 2016.

Founded UK Podcasters Association.

Member of the Advisory Council, Open Rights Group

Links                                 UK podcasters meet BBC
Web 2.0 book UK Podcasters Association, 2006 - 2010 Prix Mobile Exhibition, 2011 Podcamp UK 2007 Open Rights Group Personal blog Music Podcast

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