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LinkedIn finally offered something easy and fun. My CV in a modern web format.

Solstice Present

My 2005 paperback book “Ozzie Rozzie” is free for the festive season in ebook format.

Click here for the free PDF version of Ozzie Rozzie.

Happy all the seasons.

Ozzie Rozzie

Ozzie Rozzie



Autumn is with us. Warmest ever.

Spectemur agendo

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about morals, ethics, and codes of conduct. It’s not a subject that people talk about much down the pub, is it? It has become an unspoken taboo among many educated people and IMO that’s because organised religions, governments, and other oppressive structures for a few thousand years (at least three and half thousand in these parts) have laid claim to morals via creeds, aka prescribed moral structures, in order to achieve their ends, which is not goodness, but detailed control of entire populations over generations. Who you can marry, what you can own, what songs you can sing, what food you can eat. Whether you sit or stand. Whether you give, when you give, what you give. What you can take. And none of this limitation has much to do with what really matters to people everywhere, which is shown in the urge to create harmony. This urge for harmonious living is actually paramount, and one of the least understood but most plainly obvious tendencies operating in humanity. We should I believe speak more of it, and not merely post it as a reactive force against perceived evils.

What matters is not our beliefs, not our morality (especially as dictated by church, school, political persuasion or new age variation of same) but our behaviour.

beliefs behaviour


I’ve kept this blog running for ten years. Less of a journal, more of a clock ticking.

August was difficult. Work was always my haven. No work made me a dull boy.

Under stress, I realised I needed to reach out to people.

After I did so, I didn’t feel any better immediately, but I was very glad to have friends who wanted to help and were moved so to do. Feeling better came, as it does, after the storm.

Can't leave easily

Can’t leave easily


I rarely miss a month but events overtook me in June. On midsummer’s eve the veil between the worlds was rent and magic transpired.