I’ve kept this blog running for ten years. Less of a journal, more of a clock ticking.

August was difficult. Work was always my haven. No work made me a dull boy.

Under stress, I realised I needed to reach out to people.

After I did so, I didn’t feel any better immediately, but I was very glad to have friends who wanted to help and were moved so to do. Feeling better came, as it does, after the storm.

Can't leave easily

Can’t leave easily


I rarely miss a month but events overtook me in June. On midsummer’s eve the veil between the worlds was rent and magic transpired.


June rhymes

Balloon, Moon, Soon




May Be

I have been working on a songwriting and production project which takes me back to my core skills of songwriting and making things up. I worked long and hard on it, enlisted the assistance of my creative friends, and I’m really pleased with the results after a month.

It was great to be in England again.


The Rheinfelden Cannibal

I have been finding clarity, especially with my creative work which has decided to reveal itself again as a series of songs. I have a story to write too, one of many queueing up to find form, but since it’s fresh in my mind, but by now far away enough to dwell upon, I feel it can be now written.

I will tell the story of The Rheinfelden Cannibal, which derives from a period last year which was personally disturbing but at times very funny.

What doesn’t kill you will make you smell.