I rarely miss a month but events overtook me in June. On midsummer’s eve the veil between the worlds was rent and magic transpired.


June rhymes

Balloon, Moon, Soon




May Be

I have been working on a songwriting and production project which takes me back to my core skills of songwriting and making things up. I worked long and hard on it, enlisted the assistance of my creative friends, and I’m really pleased with the results after a month.

It was great to be in England again.


The Rheinfelden Cannibal

I have been finding clarity, especially with my creative work which has decided to reveal itself again as a series of songs. I have a story to write too, one of many queueing up to find form, but since it’s fresh in my mind, but by now far away enough to dwell upon, I feel it can be now written.

I will tell the story of The Rheinfelden Cannibal, which derives from a period last year which was personally disturbing but at times very funny.

What doesn’t kill you will make you smell.


Woody Wilson

Woody Wilson, a song which arrived unbidden with the name Woody Wilson attached. I knew from the outset that I wanted the song to be a warm criticism, an encouragement, a ‘you can do better’ song. With observations, not always flattering.

There are a few famous or marginally famous people called Woody (or Woodie) Wilson, I found out. This song is based on the story of Woodie Wilson the NASCAR pioneer racing driver, who disappeared after his early success for a period of some years, but came back and did well a second time.