I cut my video teeth at art school. As video grew huge in the 1980s, I was in London in the middle of it all, making scratch videos, which were exhibited as art, and shown at film festivals and exhibitions.

Video production is a useful skill set to have. Since I graduated, I’ve worked professionally in all aspects of video production, from concept to screenplay, directing, videography, editing and post-production, and my experience in this field is employed on a regular basis.

As well as writing and producing professional commissions (video website is here) I also make art videos with an approach which takes in all aspects of collage, found media, and glitch, embracing ‘mistakes’ and allowing process to determine end results. I make abstract videos, aiming to create landscapes which possess a subtle presence and which elicit transcendent effects over time. This kind of video work is for me a form of experimental, expressive, introspective visual practice.

On the other hand, the moving image can be physically and emotionally dynamic, as well as immediate, challenging and perturbing. I often include physical performance, installation, costume and sculpture, and I prefer working in public spaces.

In addition, I write music and soundtracks for other people’s videos and films.

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