On Spirit

What great fortune musicians have. One of my favourite ever music quotes (which originates I believe from the Incredible String Band) is this:

Music is an energy which runs from the beginning of time to the end of time, and musicians are lucky enough to get to play it

Ordained as Reverend Minister 22nd October 2014 in the Universal Life Church of Seattle, as Reverend Dean I make the music my soul demands. It doesn’t always make me happy, and it rarely pays any bills! But it is an essential well-being imperative – if I don’t make music, I steadily lose energy and become lethargic, unwell, as the stream needs to flow or it will become stagnant.

It is my experience that through the sublime experience of eternal bliss, accorded to all of us by the miracle of music, that we can begin to explain our existence in sacred terms.

It is my belief that we may all experience this or something very similar in this life.

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Now available for weddings, rites, rituals, observances, prayer, meditation, music and feasts.

Reverend Dean, January 2018

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