I have made music all my life. I was put in front of a piano at four years old and while I didn’t quite do a Mozart and play a classical piece from memory, I sat and played the original tune I had in my head with two hands and syncopated timing for ten minutes. I recall being rather taken aback that the adults thought this was worthy of great fuss and praise. My parents consequently afforded me enough additional musical education that it formed a good part of my life and living since then.

I cultivate no musical bias, having abandoned the concept of musical “taste”. This conscious openness to all forms of music was a decision I took after I left art school, so as to broaden my musical horizons, and one I have never regretted. My influences and interests include funk, world music, pre-renaissance, pop, rock, hip hop, trip hop, vintage electronic, country, ambient, glitch and musique concrète.

As well as making traditionally played music using conventional instruments and voice, I work across many musical genres, composing radio-friendly three minute songs, soundtracks for moving image, month-long installation soundscapes…

In 2017, my first band, The Believers, re-released our eponymous album. You can listen to it free, or buy fourteen tracks for the bargain price of £7.00.

Although I produce much of my writing alone, I have also collaborated, co-written and performed with and produced some sublimely talented people. I wrote a Euro hit, Survival Game (below) with Mike Turtle and a World Cup song for John Cleese with my old friend Ashley Slater.

I produced the Rise and Shine songwriting show with friend and co-writer Danny Brittain.

For many years I collaborated with Mark Crook, a close friend and colleague from the age of 11 until his untimely death in 2013. Together, we wrote original music for artists and produced several acts, as well as co-writing and producing material for our own projects.

Within the large body of work which was born from our collaboration are many of my best musical compositions, released under the banner of Cinema du Lyon.

Cinema is Burning, a track from the album, The Particle Zoo inspired from Mark this video.

You will find many more songs on Soundcloud and Reverb Nation. I write an occasional music blog.

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