Apple Eats Your Breakfast

I agree with this article on Apple’s decline. I’ve been using Apple gear since 1994, and genuinely couldn’t have got where I am without Apple’s incredibly enabling technology.

I’m an iPhone user but I’ve kept my 4 and not upgraded to a faster 4S or the newer 5. My 4 is still working fine after two years. Also, I haven’t upgraded to iOS6 on the basis that I don’t want to move to an inferior product in Apple Maps. I’ve invested a lot of time in Google maps and I don’t want to lose my bookmarks, for one thing, and living in a new country and working in foreign cities, I can’t risk going to an airport that doesn’t exist.

I’m still using a Power PC G5 which was in storage for two years. Started it up, works perfectly, just had to replace the logic board battery. It’s stable and fast – it purrs along beautifully running Tiger OS. I’ve not upgraded from Snow Leopard OS on my MacBook Pro, because it would mean changing my workflow (really? no “save as” in Final Cut?) expensively upgrading and possibly losing access to software I’ve used for years.

I decided to stop buying new Apple laptops when they changed the design so as to remove the user-changeable battery. I want to be able to take a spare battery with me when I travel, and not worry about finding a power socket in a strange land. Plus, as with iPads and iPhones, one day these unibody laptops will be so much expensive landfill, and every ecological bone in my body knows that is wrong.

Instead, I’m refurbishing my 2008 MBP. The Oslo Applestore expert couldn’t quite believe I would spend almost as much on a refurb as a new Macbook Air. I pointed to the Superdrive, to two different Firewire ports, and to the beautiful, tough metal keys. I demonstrated the non-reflecting screen. He still didn’t get it – he’s wedded to the cult of new always being better.

I predict that the last Apple product I buy will be a Mac Mini, which is a wonderful high value product – unless Apple changes course, which somehow I don’t see coming.

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