Come On, Jordan, If You Think You’re Hard Enough

Hilariously bad-tempered Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan slags off practically everyone in this BBC interview but his heart at least is firmly in South London:

I’ve been in football for six years, I find it ultimately to be a disingenuous and dishonest game.

I’m certainly not in it for the money. If we are promoted it will cost £5m before we start in players’ bonuses. Even if we make it to the play-offs and get no further, it will cost me personally £200,000.

I’ll get out when I’ve stabilised Palace in the Premiership, in a new stadium and when somebody comes along who can take it further.

But there’s never going to be a queue for that.

Premiership stability? New stadium? Dreams, glorious, foolish dreams… the stuff that hope is made of.

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