I’m Voting For Aled Fisher, Green Party

Aled Fisher (LSE SU General Secretary-Elect) at 21 is the youngest candidate in this year’s London Assembly elections, which are to be held tomorrow, so I thought I’d check him out. He seems to have good values, has succeeded in raising standards of pay for poorly paid college cleaners, and has been involved in twinning the LSE SU with An-Najah University, in Nablus, north of Ramallah, so he gets my vote.

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  1. slondon says:

    Hi Dean,

    My name is simon london and i’ve just spent a very enjoyable half hour browsing your site.

    Anyway the reason i’m posting is because I used to be a massive fan of your band Habit back in the day. the great thing about the internet is you can waste many happy hours looking for things you thought you lost so it was great to discover you were a former band member.

    I just wondered whether you had a CD copy of the album i could beg, buy, borrow or steal – it was the soundtrack of my university days and now I only have a very stretched cassette copy as your original LP went walkies years ago.

    I’d really like to use it as the soundtrack to a short film i’m going to make and show at a reunion for some university mates as we used to play the album non stop.

    It would be great if you could help out – before I start looking on ebay and via some dodgy european sites for some back copies….

    Anyway, best of luck with all your projects…hope to hear from you