I’ve been very cautious about adding new “social media” (or as I call them, so-called media) to my life, but being experimental and also to a certain extent sentimental, I’ve added a few this year, and I’m seeing how well served I am by this proliferation of profiles.

Seesmic seems to be part of the furniture now. The original video conversation network, I keep returning to Seesmic for social reasons, much as others use Facebook, which I completely neglect. I find it’s one-to-one video messaging invaluable for both private messaging and business. I quite enjoy for it’s quickfire nonsense. I have the domain ready to go – need a backer to help me build a website for 12 hour-long Warhol-style (or not) webcam videos “because anything less is superficial”.

Vimeo is a totally splendid video site, very useful for work, with a great and talented community. HD quality, fast uploads, fast conversion to flash, passwords, and the free version gives you 500MB a week upload. Great package.

I already mentioned Blip.FM, from which I take teenage delight – I should also add I love any site which allows me my first name as a user ID. I carefully update the professional network LinkedIn because it’s so very sensible.

I’ve just added Behance to see what will happen. I’m also a member of, in order to reclaim my musical past in the name of my future, as I return once again to the path of inner truth.

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