Quora, You’re Getting Warmer

Growing up in the Golden Age of Melody as I did, and having a musical bent, it doesn’t take much of a mnemonic stimulus to provoke memories of a tune which corresponds to a current meme.

After a few months bubbling under, ask-me-a-question website Quora seems to have broken cover. I had an invitation back in May 2010, when to join the then-in-beta site would have been extremely hip, but I held back. Never shy of being second, now, at last, with the sheep, I’ve joined up to see what the fuss is about.

First, I refused to allow Quora to rob my Twitter account, then I switched off all notification emails (I can see perfectly well what activity I want to check when I choose to login). Then I asked a question, then I answered a question about consciousness: Is it plausible that consciousness preceded the physical?

I have made sure to follow mostly metaphysical questions because most of the content is around business / technology, and of course, it’s much more fun being a medium-sized frog in a small pond.

My first question is: What makes a treacle pud a tasty treacle treat? The answer: beef suet. I’m pleased to see someone is already following this important challenge to our collective intelligence. But I have in fact no special interest in treacle puddings, it’s much deeper than that..

The “Atora, you’re getting warmer…” tune was burned into this child’s psyche, and it is still there at the touch of a button decades later. I only have to hear the two-syllable “__ora” word and it becomes Atora. Those advertising jingle chaps knew what they were doing alright. Mad men, indeed.

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