UK Podcasters Find New Home

This very nice welcome page from the Open Rights Group ushers in an interesting next phase for the UK podcasting fraternity.

Activities around the making and consuming of media have evolved hugely in three and a half years, and the digital media scene is set for more growth, with forces such as governments and media empires vieing for control. Never more important a time to stand up for citizens’ basic rights, and to ensure a level playing field for businesses sandwiched between the BBC and Rupert Murdoch. The UKPA was frankly too small to be effective, and so has found a new home with its close ally.

So, big thanks to Michael and Jim from ORG. This is a good move. It is my hope that we we will be able to add to ORG, and that in the time to come, the alliance will be a good one.

Podcasting as a word may be less prominent than it was, but the culture of download is incredibly strong. Anyone who is interested in online media’s future prospects should get involved in the Media Makers Group which is set to have its first meeting on September 26th in London.

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